10/07/2015 meeting

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

                                              Salvatore’s restaurant, 6461 Transit Road, Depew, NY

6:00 -6:55 PM                                                    Cash bar and Dinner

6:55-7:00 PM                                         WNYSP Business:   Kornel L. Terplan Award

7:00-9:00 PM                       Interesting Practical Surgical Pathology Conference  

Dr. Frank Chen (Quest Diagnostics)

Title: “The Differences between Bethesda 2014 and Bethesda 2001 for Reporting Cervical Cytology”

Dr. Weiguo Liu (University of Buffalo)

Title: “A 44 year old female with a mass in the tail of pancreas”

Dr. Wilfrido Mojica (University of Buffalo)

Title:  “Cytofluidics: Anticipating and Providing Solutions to Precision Medicine Before They Become Problems”

Dr. Kelly J. Garner (Eastern Great Lakes Pathology)

Title: A case of a 68 year old male with fever and pancytopenia

Dr. Saraswati Pokharel (Roswell Park Cancer Institute)

Title: “Short updates in lung cancer: new and not so new”

Dr. Zhongren (David) Zhou  (University of Rochester)

Title: “Unknown Metastatic Tumors in Mediastinal and Neck Lymph Nodes”.

Dr. Nan Zhang (University of Buffalo)

Title: “A 32-year-old male who presented with thrombocytopenia, mild splenomegaly, retroperitoneal and inguinal lymphadenopathy, bilateral pleural effusion, ascites, and acute renal failure”

 Dr. Ayesha Arshad (Buffalo VA Hospital)

Title: Sebaceous  neoplasms and Muir Torre Syndrome

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